PERSONAL DATA is contact information, including but not restricted to name, e-mail address, phone and company; of individuals and businesses contact interested on attend or attendants, interested on present works or speakers, interested in acceding or adhere to any type, of the event.

The ORGANIZERS of Ágiles 2010 include all organizing committee members, parties that carry out surveys, data collection and dissemination of the event, registration and any other activity related to the event which involves the collection and storage of PERSONAL DATA.

Any event ORGANIZER agrees to comply with this Privacy Policy and use of data. Without this commitment, he or she may not be an ORGANIZER.

Any event ORGANIZER which, for reasons of organizational tasks that he or she is developing, requires to obtain, access, or store PERSONAL DATA, should communicate this fact to the organizing committee.

PERSONAL DATA will only be used for the tasks of organizing Ágiles 2010. Any doubt regarding the extent of the use of PERSONAL DATA, should be communicated to the organizing committee.

After completion of the event, all PERSONAL DATA shall be destroyed from all storage of the ORGANIZERS.

Any changes affecting this policy will be conducted with the unanimous consent of the ORGANIZERS.

If possible, and with the unanimous consent of the ORGANIZERS on the mechanism to use, a copy of PERSONAL DATA will be archived; for use in the Ágiles 2011 event.

Ágiles 2010 Organizing Committee