The Ágiles 2010 Organizing Committee ( is pleased to invite you to attend our event as a speaker! Our Latin American community of Agile Methodologies wants to hear your ideas, experiences and learn about your working techniques.

Ágiles 20xx is the flagship conference of the Latin American Agile community.

Ágiles 2010 will be the third edition of the conference, featuring keynote speakers Lee Devin and Joshua Kerievsky.
Our second edition (, last year in Florianópolis – Brazil, had more than 500 paid attendees. The conference featured keynotes from Brian Marick and Diana Larsen, and speakers like David Hussman, Joshua Kerievsky, Dave Nicolette and Roy Singham.
Our first edition (, in Buenos Aires, exceeded expectations with over 400 attendees and 900 registrations. The conference featured a keynote from Mary Poppendieck as well as an international closing panel with Mary, Tom, Tobias Mayer, Micah Martin, Dave Nicolette and Matt Gelbwaks. Any of them can be contacted as references regarding the quality of the event and the energy and hospitality of our community.

In order to participate, you´ll need to submit your session proposals via our electronic form Before submitting your form, please make sure that your content fits into the type and duration defined for selected sessions. Note that deadline for submissions is July 2nd.
You can submit as many proposals as you want but only one session per individual will be accepted into the final program.

Please leave your contact information (e-mail, telephone and permanent address) so our review committee can get in touch with you. All information you provide us will remain private and protected under our Privacy Policy (

Session Types:

  • Tutorials – 90 minutes
    These will include sessions specially targeted for people who are just beginning or looking for a foothold in Agile methodologies.
  • Talks – 45 minutes
    Presentations aimed at those people who are looking for a topic to increase their knowledge about the Agile methodologies and the best practices used by the Agile community.
  • Experience Reports – 45 minutes
    Presentations reporting on a real agile project, summarizing what happened on the project and the key learning points. These reports allow practitioners to share their practical advice and guidance with other teams.
  • Workshops – 90 minutes
    Highly interactive and participative sessions that will allow attendees to develop knowledge in a practical way. These will include topics related with innovation, conflict resolution, leadership, etc.


  • General Topics
  • Culture and Coaching
  • Continuous Improvement and Management
  • Tools and Engineering Practices
  • Experience reports

Important Dates:

  • Submission deadline: July 16th, 2010
  • Acceptance notification: August 13th, 2010

Hope to see you in the conference!,
Ágiles 2010 Organizing Committee