Manoel Pimentel


 Track: Culture and Coaching
 Language: English
 Format: Talk
 Time: TBD
 Duration: 45′


In this lecture the audience will be led to a real coaching session, addressing typical problems on a team of software development. Thus the talk shows how the coaching and facilitation in combination with the agile values and principles, are effective ways to create and lead the change process in an organization.

Through some banter with the audience, will also be addressed that these techniques can be used to combine the creative potential of teams. These techniques (Example: GROW, FFA, FARM, TOC, etc.) can help in achieving the targets in a software project and identify the impediments of the day to day and how to overcome them so that the productive potential of the team be leveraged.
This lecture has been performed successfully in Brazilian conferences as Maré de Agilidade, Agiles 2009, AgileBrazil2009, AgileBrazil2010.