Lee Devin


 Tipo: Keynote
 Idioma: español
 Formato: Charla
 Horario: 4-Oct 9:00
 Duración: 60′


Lee’s talk will introduce the idea of a “Culture of Innovation.” That is, a workplace that has a general disposition toward creative thinking. He knows such a place from his experience in the theatre, specifically in a medium sized (US$5,000,000 budget) professional theatre in the US. This business sells a product that will emerge unpredictably from the process of making it; most of the sales occur before anyone knows exactly what the product will be. Despite this, the theatre delivers its product on time (Opening night) and in the budget, 99% of the time.

Industries can delay launch of a new product: think Boeing. If a theatre doesn’t deliver, or outruns its budget, it’s soon out of business. The key to a theatre’s long term existence is its culture of innovation, a willingness and ability to make new things again and again. (Every play is unique; it’s never been seen before and will never be seen again.)

The key to 21st century business success is, increasingly, a willingness and ability to make new things and new ideas in response to change.

Lee sees these key features of any innovative culture:

  • Team as the default work unit
  • Collaboration as the default method of team work
  • Appreciation of the difference between problems and difficulties
  • Appreciation of the difference between planning and preparation
  • Comfort in ambiguity
  • Imagination accepted as a tool

He’ll describe these key features with examples from art and industry.