Peter Green


 Tipo: Reportes de Experiencia
 Idioma: English
 Formato: Reporte de Experiencia
 Horario: TBD
 Duración: 45′


Peter Green, Adobe’s in-house Agile Trainer & Coach, and Justin Cole, Adobe’s Group Program Manager for the Creative Suite video group, will share their experience transitioning more than 150 core team members on 3 continents and 7 different teams to Scrum in a single 18 month cycle to build the Creative Suite 5 video suite. Most had little or no prior experience with Scrum.

Areas of focus for the presentation will include:

  Complex Dependency Chains
  Shared Components
  Large Scale Adoption (13 scrum teams)

  Reaction from developers
  Reaction from customers
  Reaction from executives/sponsors

Keys to Success