Pramod Sadalage


 Tipo: Herramientas y Prácticas de Ingeniería
 Idioma: English
 Formato: Tutorial
 Horario: TBD
 Duración: 90′


Agile development is mainstream in the software development world. Most application developers think the database is an impediment to agile development. This tutorial will show that agile development or iterative and evolutionary development can be done with the database, making the database an integral part of the application development effort and how the database and the data team can be flexible to allow for rapidly changing requirements.

What are the agile development practices and how to apply them to database. How the data team can contribute and stay productive in today’s software development environment and how they can influence the software being developed long before its deployed on the database being managed by the DBA.

The presentation will talk about Agile practices and how to apply these practices to the database:
* Pair Programming
* Continuous Integration
* Refactoring
* Test Driven Development (TDD)
* Automated testing