Paulo Caroli


 Tipo: Mejora Continua y Gestión
 Idioma: English
 Formato: Tutorial
 Horario: TBD
 Duración: 90′


Come and understand why the Agilists are posting cards on the wall. Get to know more about Agile’s unique approach to management and development process: the Agile card wall.

You will discover how a simple tool with the right combination of Agile practices, principles and values can transform your organization. You will understand why the software development workflow can be effectively represented on cards on the wall. And even more you will learn to read, understad, and act upon the patterns demonstrated on your card wall.

During the conversations about the card wall’ cards movements, many processes and practices are exposed. These include: Kanban, Scrum, XP, Process Workflow, Theory of Constraint, and Systems Thinking.