An easy to use framework to help scrum masters creating from scratch strong scrum collaborative teams.

Eros Silva


 Tipo: Cultura y Coaching
 Idioma: English
 Formato: Charla
 Horario: TBD
 Duración: 45′


Creating a Scrum team it is not an easy task, mainly when the participants comes from projects that they are used to perform traditional software development processes where most of team members participate just executing orders dictated by a strong plan and huge schedule. Creating a Scrum team from scratch requires a lot of coaching at the beginning and patience to wait team speed up, as one of the most valuable foundations is the culture of self management and the strong team member collaboration. The Positive Influence Degree framework was created to breach the cultural barrier of team members used to the traditional software development, helping project managers to create strong Scrum teams with less effort, risk and obstacles. This easy to use framework has helped one of the biggest IT consulting companies of Brazil ramping up from scratch at least four Scrum teams – and one traditional one – in three different projects in the last nine months.