Ágiles 2010 es la principal conferencia latino-americana sobre desarrollo de software ágil. Este año esperamos contar con la participación de más de 500 agilistas de Latino-Ámerica y de otras regiones del mundo.

Nos sentiríamos honrados de contar con su participación para ayudarnos a construir este espacio de intercambio de conocimientos y crecimiento colaborativo.

Lo invitamos a analizar las Oportunidades de Patrocinio de Ágiles 2010.

Para más información, contáctenos aquí.

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VersionOne is recognized by agile practitioners as the leader in agile development tools. By simplifying the process of planning and tracking agile software projects, we help development teams consistently deliver software faster. Since 2002, companies such as Adobe, Dow Chemical, Lockheed Martin, Motorola, Novell, Sony and Symantec have turned to VersionOne to help provide greater value to their customers. Today more than 30,000 teams in over 170 countries use VersionOne’s agile management tool. Whether you’re a small, single agile team just getting started with agile development or a multi-team, global enterprise, with VersionOne you’ll get the best tools in the industry backed by pioneers in agile project management and planning. VersionOne. Start small. Scale smart. See for yourself at www.VersionOne.com.

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Agilar is a non-profit cooperative of independent professionals.
We are radically different from other consulting organizations in many ways:
* Our goal is to get the best possible jobs for our members.
* We want our members to make money, not the organization itself.
* We have very low overhead: no sales force, no management, no shareholders.
* And very low risk: no employees, almost no expenses.
Agilar members specialize in many areas of consulting. Most of our members are IT consultants, such as programmers, analysts and testers. We are particularly strong in the Agile / Lean software development area, counting many notorious world experts among us. But we don’t restrict ourselves to IT: we also have members who are management consultants, graphical designers, industrial designers and accountants, among others.
The services Agilar provides are: professional consulting, training and coaching..

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Scrum Alliance
The Scrum Alliance is a not-for-profit professional membership organization created to share the Scrum framework and transform the world of work.

The Scrum Alliance’s mission is to increase awareness and understanding of Scrum, provide resources to individuals and organizations using Scrum, and promote the iterative improvement necessary to succeed with Scrum. The Scrum Alliance hosts Scrum Gatherings and supports Scrum User Groups, providing a forum for interactive learning throughout the world.


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Agile Alliance
web | www.agilealliance.org
The Agile Alliance is a nonprofit organization with global membership, committed to advancing Agile development principles and practices. We believe that Agile approaches deliver higher value faster, and make the software industry more productive, humane, and sustainable.
web | www.kleerer.com
twitter | twitter.com/kleerer
blog | yourway.kleerer.com
Kleer is a whole different kind of agile coaching, training and web development company. We deliver all of our services in an agile way and we teach organizations how to turn into agile ones.
Kleer is the first Latin-American company recognized as a Scrum Alliance REP based on the quality and content of its courses and therefore authorized to delivery the CSD (Certified Scrum Developer) courses.

We are a small, flexible and nimble organization, but most of all, we’re a team of stress less people with a clear purpose and passionate about what we do.
web | www.10pines.com
10Pines is a Latin American software development company specializing in creating top quality solutions with cutting edge technology. We are based in Buenos Aires Argentina, one of the fastest growing markets of software development outsourcing. Having several years of practice in Agile methodologies, our crew of expert craftsmen adapt quickly to our customers’ needs by delivering working software frequently that maximizes the added value to the business. We also offer coaching and training services, as a result of many years of experience in the professional and academic sectors.

We care about delivering high-quality solutions; building trust in relationships and promoting a democratic and sustainable work environment
Open Edge Technologies
web | www.openedgetech.com

twitter | twitter.com/openedgetech
Open Edge Technologies is the leading Peruvian company specializing in Agile training, consulting and coaching. Our consultants have been applying Agile values, principles & practices for over 5 years in real projects for small, medium and large enterprises in our country. They have faced the challenges that are inherent to working in an agile way in our local context.

We focus on improving the productivity and the quality of our clients’ projects, and we also place a strong emphasis on improving the motivation, commitment and overall job satisfaction of all people involved.

We offer public courses, like the CSM (Certified ScrumMaster), and also tailored, in-house courses to give you the help you need to start your Agile journey. We also provide coaching and consulting services to aid you in doing Agile and Scrum better.

Grupo Esfera
web | www.grupoesfera.com.ar
Grupo Esfera is a development, training and consulting company based
in Argentina. We build trust and durable relationships with our
customers based on the quality of our services and the commitment of
our people. We offer Agile Enterprise Java Software Development
services, Innovative Product development based in disruptive
technologies like Asterisk, Agile, Software Architecture and Java
technology training both directly and through our partnership with
Oracle, and coaching and consulting services.

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Process Consulting  Cámara de Comercio de Lima Proyecto RELAIS