Masa K Maeda
Russell Healy


 Trilha: Gestão e Melhora Contínua
 Idioma: español
 Formato: Tutorial
 Horario: TBD
 Duração: 90′


Kanban is a truly evolutionary approach to continuous improvement for software development. An excellent way to learn new concepts, tools, etc. is through games and Kanban is better learned by doing, thus a game to learn it is a natural consideration. Numerous authors have attempted to create Kanban games but have fallen short because it is very difficult to figure out how to teach multiple Kanban concepts in a single game. Russell’s Kanban game is the exception. It masterfully allows playes to understand flow, variation, constrains, added-value, value steam, cumulative flow diagrams, control charts, card wall, card anatomy, and risk management.
This game is a must for all people interested on learning Kanban or understanding it better.